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All the prices indicated on the website are included in the value added tax of 21% provided for by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

Item Purchase Agreement

The buyer and UAB PADVAISKAS AND KO is hereinafter referred to as the Seller shall conclude the following agreement at the time of purchase (hereinafter referred to as the “contract”):

1. Subject matter of the contract

1.1. The buyer orders the product and pays the full price of the order and delivery to UAB PADVAISKAS AND KO company account.

1.2. The seller undertakes to sell the ordered item.

2.1. The agreement shall enter into force from the date of the bank's confirmation of payment.

2.2. Disputes arising out of this agreement or related to it shall be settled by agreement between the parties, and in the absence of a compromise acceptable to both parties within a 10-day period, shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure laid down by laws of the Republic of Lithuania. This agreement does not cover the loading, assembly or transport of goods from the place of withdrawal specified by the buyer.

2.3.The order account after payment will be sent to the Customer at the address indicated in the Customer's questionnaire.

2.4. The purchaser confirms that all the data provided by him is correct and that he has been provided with all necessary information from the Seller about the product and the purchase service.

I have met and agree with the terms of the contract.

Return of goods

Goods shall be returned and replaced in accordance with Article 6.218 of the CC of the Republic of Lithuania. ' Article7(3) of the Law on Consumer Protection Page 4, Item 18 of the Rules for Return and Change of Things approved by Order No 217 of 29 June 2001 of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania”. Also taking into account the Terms of Use and Maintenance and Product Guarantee.

Use and Maintenance Rules

Congratulations on purchase of the product of UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko”. We expect you to be satisfied with our product for many years. In order for the purchased good to remain in service for a long period of time, comply with the following supervisory rules.

How do I maintain the item you purchased?

The mattress is designed for sleeping/lying. To avoid changing the shape of your mattress, it is necessary to flip the two-way mattresses every three months, and we recommend that mattresses be cleaned regularly with a brush or vacuum cleaner, and ventilated. Mattresses must be well ventilated and must be placed on the air-circulating base, i.e. wooden grille or other well ventilated bed bottom structures. Air temperature, relative humidity and air velocity in the premises where the mattress is stored or operated shall comply with the requirements of the “microclimate OF RESIDENTIAL and public buildings HN42:2004”. Underneath mattresses with a wooden frame with a width of more than 1 m, a transverse or longitudinal support must be provided in the bed structure. A tolerance of ± 1% of the dimensions is allowed for mattresses. Mattresses with coconut fiber must not be folded.

The latex mattress is intended for use at least 14 cm above the floor. This mattress must be protected from direct sources of heat and sunlight. Latex is an open-footed material and therefore the mattress must be placed on a particularly well ventilated substrate, i.e. wooden or glued wood grille. Latex mattresses allow 1-3 latex joint seams. a latex mattress must not be placed directly on the floor or in closed-structure beds. The mattress must be flipped. Transport is recommended in a horizontal position.

Ii is advisable to place the spring mattress on a ventilated substrate, i.e. wooden or glued wood grille. The spring mattress must not be folded. The two-way mattress must be flipped.

Economic class mattresses – (e.g. Bonnell) for holiday in summer houses, garden and guest houses – are not suitable for regular, everyday use.

UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko” warranty – the product is guaranteed from the date of sale of the product.

UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko” will eliminate the defects with the condition that they were caused by the manufacturing or material broke and that the submitted operating rules of the product have been complied with. The warranty does not apply to mattresses that have been misused or damaged, the wrong mattress bed structure has been used, the mattress has not been flipped or cleaned. UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko” reserves the right to use alternative materials or fillers if the original materials are no longer available for purchase.

Product warranty

Warranty Care Terms:

1. Warranty repair conditions are required:

1.1. it is necessary to have a “Product Guarantee” with a specified date of sale, the name and signature of the seller, a purchase cheque or account. THE NOTICE warranty is not valid without the purchaser's signature, incomplete or corrected.

1.2. in the event of repair/repair, the goods must be clean (cleaned), the goods must be transported – at the customer's expense, the necessary documents must be attached and the buyer's detailed written claim must be filed. Claims from third parties shall not be admissible.

2. If materials required to repair the product need to be ordered, repairs may be delayed.

3. During warranty maintenance, defective parts/parts or materials of the product are replaced free of charge.

4. The seller shall have the right to terminate warranty supervision:

4.1. if there are mechanical damage to the product during transportation, the construction has been changed.

4.2. if the product was repaired during warranty maintenance without the seller's written consent.

4.3. if the warranty “Rules of Use and Maintenance” has not been complied with.

4.4. the product has not been used for its intended purpose, has been used for commercial purposes or has been damaged intentionally.

4.5. the product is not suitable for use due to natural disasters, accidents, poor ventilation of premises, introduction of foreign objects, liquid, insects, use of inappropriate chemical and other substances, etc.

4.6. if the product has been incorrectly installed, misused and poorly maintained.

5. Any claims regarding the quality of the product shall be examined only after verification by an authorised customer service organisation.

6. Warranty maintenance shall not apply to parts which wear normally during use of the product.

7. The warranty does not cover works such as product adjustment, installation, dismantling, cleaning, etc.

8. The warranty does not cover the services which the consumer is required to perform at his own expense.

9. The product components are not covered by warranty.

10. It is possible to penetrate the surface of wool or cotton if the fabric of the products is sprouted with the aforementioned fibres.

11. This warranty shall not restrict the rights of the consumer conferred on him by the laws of the country in force and the purchase-sale agreement concluded between him and the distributor.

The products of UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko” are guaranteed 24 months.

I have met and agree with the Product Guarantee and the Terms of Use and Maintenance and do not have any warranty or quality claims.

Customer service

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