How do I buy?


Shopping steps

Choose the product you need and like in the online store. Then press the button in the cart on the item page. To buy one selected item at once, click Go to the payment. To select more items, select Continue shopping – the selected item will remain in the cart memory. Perform this step with all selected items. When you decide that there will be enough shopping for this time, click the Cart button on the right side of the screen. Here you can view the selected items again, if all is right, click the Go to payment button. Please fill in the login data in the table below. The data you provide (email address, first name, surname, address, etc.) is only used to provide the service properly. Without your permission, the data will not be transmitted in any way to third parties not involved in the provision of our direct services. When all the information is summed up, press Go to the payment, select in the item delivery window that you will withdraw the items from our warehouse. At the moment, goods are not being delivered to homes. Be sure to familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions of Service, read them and tick them to confirm your acceptance of the Terms of Reference. Click Go to the payment. Select the payment method and click Verify the order. If you select payment via e-banking, you will be directed to the e-banking page. Once a payment has been made, be sure to press “Back to the salesperson”, which is a necessary step to obtain a payment confirmation. If payment is selected by bank transfer, all necessary information will be visible in the open window and also sent by e-mail specified by the Buyer.

We will receive your order immediately by e-mail and will send confirmation order information to your e-mail. The agreement shall enter into force from the date of notification from the bank of your payment. The order account after receipt of the payment will be sent to the Customer at the e-mail address indicated in the Buyer's questionnaire. You will receive the purchase agreement by e-mail.