You can currently pay:


By bank order:

When you select this payment method, convert the order amount to our company account in the normal way. Important! Remember to specify the order code for your payment purpose, which is assigned when the order is approved, and is also sent to your email along with all the details to execute the payment order.


Account details:

o   Name of the recipient: UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko” ¦ 123467284

o   Bank Account Number: LT037300010002480971


o   Payment Purpose: Order Number must be specified


By using e-banking:

o   Citadele Klix E-commerce gateway payment platform gives customers the opportunity to choose one of the banks operating in Lithuania or the Baltic States and, after redirection, make payments from the selected online bank where the customer has their active account. After the redirection, the details of the amount to be paid will be automatically transferred to the electronic banking system.

o   Sign in normally on the e-banking page and the system will have already formed a payment for the selected items for you. All you have to do is confirm the payment.

o   Once a payment has been made, be sure to press “Back to the salesperson”, which is a necessary step to obtain a payment confirmation.


Access to e-banking data is only used to connect to a bank page and is not transmitted when you return to an online store.