About us


The individual company Arvydas Padvaiskas was founded in 1992. In 1996, the company was reorganised into a private limited liability company.

Since 2002, UAB Padvaiskas ir Ko has produced the most advanced mattress collection line. “Productivity of this production line” means the mattress is fully manufactured and packed within one minute.

The Japanese Pocket Springs Machines, purchased in 2014, allow us to produce spring blocks of all kinds of softness. With a single-thick wire, we can extract springs of varying softness/hardness, forming spring blocks for mattresses and beds in different comfort zones.

Another division, the cutting of porolon, opened in 2015.

The specificity of the company is the ability to adapt quickly to each customer! The company has production flexibility as all bed parts and raw materials are produced locally – wooden frames, bed frames, chipboard boxes, Bonnell and “pocket/silent” springs, heads, sewing covers, sprouting fabrics, cutting porolon.

The company currently employs more than 248 people. UAB “Padvaiskas ir Ko” modernizes and expands production every year. After the reconstruction of buildings in 2017, the production area is 21 500 m2.

Equipment and mattresses for “Rolling” purchased in 2017 - a manufactured mattress is rigidly twisted and immediately packed.

The company is expanding in collaboration with customers and partners from across Europe, Scandinavia and Turkey. Today, we export over 98 percent of our production to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland. We produce over 60 types - classic, modern and modern design mattresses and beds. In manufacturing, we use only the highest quality materials recognised and certified in the European Union.