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Mattress Havana

Mattress Havana


Product production term is atleast 10 work days


Height (cm): 25

Hardness: Firm

Spring type: Multipocket springs

Number of comfort zones: 7

Spring height (cm): 15

Springs/m ²: 500

Top: latex, h-2 cm

Bottom: Latex, h-2 cm

Boards: Pollurethane foam 60 kg/m ³, D-5 cm

Material between spring block and porolon: Coconut fibre 75 kg/m3, h-2 cm

Fabric processing: Sprouted with 200 g synthepin. Sprouting fish

Fabric composition: 44% viscose (natural fibre), 56% polyester

Fabric cleaning:

1. The fabric must not be washed by a washing machine or by hand

2. Recommended chemical cleaning of the tissue with tetrachloroethylene (dry chemical cleaning) (only chemicals marked with P may be used)

3. Only a low-temperature iron can be used to compare the tissue

4. It is forbidden to dry the fabric in the dryer

Package dimensions: +3 cm to overal dimensions

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